Thursday, February 16, 2017


David Steindi-Rast explains how being grateful makes us happy.  Steindi-Rast claims that if we look back to when we were grateful we will find out that most of the time it is an opportunity to enjoy but we miss it because we are rushing through life unable to see this opportunity.  He also states that when a challenge faces us we rise to that opportunity.  David purports, "It's so simple that it's actually what we were told as children when we learned to cross the street. Stop.  Look.  Go."  If people stop take a look we will often see the opportunity of gratefulness, but people often rush through life causing them to miss the opportunity just because they don't stop.

"The Surprising Science of Happiness"

Happiness is not a goal people should have because they will most likely not find what they seek.  Happiness is like a butterfly, you try to capture it and you'll damage its wings.  Happiness will most likely happen when we are not extremely thinking about what makes us happy, but when we go on with life without having to think about happiness.  When people think about their own happiness they tend to over think and question themselves if they really are happy with what they are doing in their life.  Often time when people feel happy they tend to drown it in their fear of not knowing how to be or feel happy.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


What is happiness?  What makes me happy?  Happiness is not being rich or in other words being able to afford anything you want.  Happiness is not a destination your able to reach.  Being happy isn't having the best of everything but making the best out of everything.  Being happy is about focusing on what you already have and not focusing on what's missing.  Happiness is how satisfied you are with your life, For example finding meaning in your hobbies.  Happiness is when something or someone is fulfilling your needs.  Happiness isn't about how much we have it is about how much we enjoy that makes us happy.  "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony"- Mahatma Gandhi.  Seeing family that I haven't seen in some time makes me happy.  Being able to help my siblings, friends and others.  Being able to wake up under a roof with my mother and siblings.  Being able to see a smile on my siblings face and eating the food we eat.  Seeing close friends and family exceed in their life and achieve goals makes me happy.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Self Control

I would say I have a lot of self control.  Whenever i would ask my mom for a candy she wouldn't even bother worrying about me getting hyper.  I believe the reason why i have a lot of self control is because I tend to isolate my self at times.  For example, When we do group activities in classes and my group is off task I ignore them and I do my work.  Another reason why i think i have a lot of self control is because I am a really shy person.  When it comes to having a conversation with me it gets awkward in an instant.  Another reason I have self control is because I'm patient.  I would never get mad at anyone or annoyed at anyone whenever they need help or are doing things to annoy me.  For example, I have a younger brother which all he wants is attention.  My younger brother would do anything to get the attention he wants by doing things to annoy everyone else but, i would just have patience with him.

Monday, December 19, 2016

The power of passion and perseverance

Grit matters because it is so essential to achieving long term goals and overcome adversity.  If one cannot cope with adversity or any delays on the way of their long term goal there is no tendency to quit.  In order to achieve a significant goal you will need to face some difficulty and have the patience to get through all the steps that are required in pursuing that goal.  For example, my moms goal was to be able to provide us with anything that was needed for our studies not what we wanted even though she has had setbacks she so far managed to do so.  I have been able to accomplish a goal which was to become a bit more open to others and confident.  Even though i'm a really really shy person I managed to become more confident without having any setbacks

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Out of your comfort zone

I'm a really shy person so I rarely leave my comfort zone.  I have learned to not give up because if I keep trying i can improve and do a much better job if I encounter it again.  I also learned to keep trying even if i don't know what to do and ask question if i need help.  The most recent time i left my comfort zone was to join lacrosse.  I didn't know what lacrosse was or how to play it.  It was a challenge to me because I'm not the athletic type of person and I didn't know what to do or how to play it.  At this moment i still don't know much about lacrosse and still struggle on my performance.  I learned a few things about lacrosse like different roles having different lacrosse sticks and how to play a bit.

Favorite Place

I would say my favorite place is my room.  My room is my favorite place because I basically have everything I need in there.  I have a bed, a small desk in which I can work on, a laptop, the internet router and privacy.  To me privacy is really important because I cant work unless its quiet.  I also have enough space for myself to do small dance routines or talk to someone in private.  I could also just space out while i'm hearing music in my room have no one disturb me while I am.  I also have a door in my room that goes to my back yard so if I need any air i could just walk out through my door and avoid any contact with my parents and siblings.  If i'm really tired and need somewhere to sleep I can just walk into my room and lock it so no one disturbs me.  I can also work in my room without no one bothering me or distracting me.